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I love any music that’s written and performed with real passion and soul.

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Whilst at an event in Fareham recently we caught up with Ian Booker.
Ian is a singer/songwriter from Warsash, Southampton, I’m sure many of you have heard of Ian in the area.
Ian Booker plays acoustic guitar and from what we heard he is surely a great artist and only good things to come from him. Music has always played a big part of Ian’s life which shows when you hear him sing.
Ian has an EP called “Seven Notes”  which is available on CD or streaming from various sites.

We Interviewed Ian to find out about the passion behind the music and how it all started, you can also hear one of Ian’s songs at the end of the interview.

Q.Where are you from?
A.Technically I’m from East Sussex, but actually lived most of my life on the Isle Of Wight, before moving over to this area when I was 18.

Q.When did you realise music was for you?
A.I’ve loved listening to music since I was a kid. From a young age, I knew that I wanted music to be a big part of my life.

Q.When did you first start singing?
A.I started writing simple songs quite soon after picking up the guitar, so started singing around then. Guitar playing and singing have always gone very much hand in hand with me.

Q.What made you start this up?
A.I’ve obviously loved doing this since childhood, but was often held back by confidence. A number of years back I started posting on You Tube, and have been fortunate enough to get some good responses. I think that’s probably what really motivated to get out there and start doing this properly!

Q.How did you start out?
A.I got my first guitar for my tenth Birthday. I can still remember going in to buy it, and the excitement and buzz of starting to learn chords and songs.

Q.Have you entered any battle of the bands or anything like that?
A.Yes I’ve done a few, and have progressed well. The best thing about these, as with open mics, is getting to meet new local musicians, and also being inspired by what they are doing.

Q.What are you musical influences?
A.Historically I’ve always been influenced by rock music; being inspired by the technical elements of the guitar. As singing became more a part of what I do, I’ve moved more to acoustic guitar over the years. I still like to throw in the odd fancy bit of guitar work from time to time! So I’m influenced by a fair range of musicians, from my guitar heros such as Nuno Bettencourt and Joe Satriani, right through to artists such as Radiohead, The Verve, Travis, Crowded House, Ed Sheeran and Damian Rice. I love any music that’s written and performed with real passion and soul.

Q.First song ever sung?
A.”Save A Prayer” by Duran Duran!

Q.What did your family do to encourage you?
A.I used to put on “shows” to my family as a kid. I’d make them all sit in a room while I performed songs I’d either written, or covers. I was probably pretty shocking back then, so their support and encouragement was most appreciated!

Q.Who else in your family sings?
A.My Older brother is a good singer, as are some of my cousins.

Q.What kind of music do you listen to today?
A.Anything and everything to be honest. I love using streaming sites like Deezer and Spotify to discover new music that I otherwise may have missed. I like finding new music and trying to work out how I can cover in my own style.

Q.What embarrassing songs might we find on your MP3 player?
A.Erm, there’s a brilliant unplugged version of Little Me by Little Mix around at the moment. I didn’t expect it to be my cup of tea, but it’s just a piano and really tight vocal harmonies. Listen if you don’t believe me!

Q.Where would you most like to perform?
A.I’d love to get the chance to do a full gig at the Concorde Club in Eastleigh. I’ve done a couple of smaller things there, and seen some acts myself. It’s a fantastic venue.

Q.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
A.I’d like to be gigging on a consistent and regular basis, with a number of EP’s and a full album under my belt. I’d like to be recognised as an established singer/songwriter in the area.


Thanks Ian for taking the time with us.

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