The Usual Suspects across the water!

Well this one has taken a little while to get on here so we hope you wont be disappointed.

We went to Lanzarote for a weeks holiday, yes I know what are we doing having a holiday!!
While there we went to this great looking bar called Africa Bar, a very lively place and is quite large on the inside, if your ever in Lanzarote I would definitely recommend going.
In the bar area in the evenings they have live music and this duo The Usual Suspects,  the duo consists of  Steve and Danny both play guitar and both sing.
Their music was brilliant and all round to suit everyone’s taste. The age group varied from 20′s well into 60′s+ so don’t be afraid of going in there.

Duo-Africa-BarDanny the guy on the right had some dark panels on his guitar, it turned out that these are some sort of drum pads built in, it also had a what sound like a foot cabasa, had really interesting sounds going on as the night went on.
We have done a search on this but came up with nothing so we can only presume it was some sort of custom guitar, if you know of anywhere that does these please get in touch with us

As we said earlier the music would suit anyone and they were taking requests so they knew quite a few songs in their set.

They also interacted with the audience which made it even more fun.
Unfortunately this was a spur of the moment thing and after a few beers (would be rude not to) the camera was a little shaky so I can only apologize about the shaky video.

Anyway enjoy the below video.



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