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to write a song that a couple has played at their anniversary or something and it’s “their” song whenever they hear it or helps someone who has had a bad day etc.. that’s kinda cool thing to be able to give to someone!

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We caught up with local Singer/songwriter Roy Peplow, Roy is from Fareham and from what we have heard of him is a great singer/songwriter.
In fact I would say one of the best in the area and believe he will go far, Roy has a great sounding voice, you can hear one of his tracks at the end of the interview and hear for yourself, the track we have chosen is “Distant Shores” which is an original and such an awesome track from Roy Peplow, one other track we can recommend is “Wicked Game” such an amazing song. Roy rocks everywhere from local gigs , festivals and private functions, you can contact Roy HERE
You can check out Roy Peplow’s gigs on our GIG page or Roy’s own gig page HERE.


Q: When did you realise music was for you?
A: I remember being about 4 0r 5 and listening to the eagles hell freezes over album and falling in Love with music so I guess from a pretty early age but although it was a passion in me  it wasn’t til I was lot older that I had the opportunity to actually learn to play and write music.

Q: How did you start out?
A: After years of wanting to but not being able to afford lessons, I got hold of an old nylon acoustic and taught myself from books and the internet and watching people that I saw at gigs and performances  and would spend hours a night just playing away til I got it right.

Q:Whats the most buzzing gig you have done so far?
A: Well the Wickham Festival last year was a buzz to be asked to play, and coming in the top finalists in the country at the Hard Rock café’s global competition was a thrill but if I’m honest I think it would have to be when I played the Hampshire Bowman’s Ale festival a few years back.. it was an outdoors gig.. great weather and a few people sat outside on benches but by the time I had finished there were a good 400 people swarmed around the tent dancing on tables with a 3 person deep crowd going around the outside of the stage area outside too, by the end I had to play stood on a beer keg as the stage was full of people just having a great time!

Q: Where are you from?
A: Despite an accent picked up from years of travels I’m a local born Fareham lad.

Q: Have you entered any battle of the bands or anything like that?
A: Yeah recently I was part of the road to The Victorious Festival  competition and earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to have some amazing support and came 3rd in the country online and then down to the last few finalists at the Live battle of the bands at The Hard Rock Café in London for their global battle of the bands for a chance to play the Hard Rock festival in Rome, it wasn’t until after I competed I found out I was the first Solo, acoustic act to ever compete against full bands in the years they’ve been running the event.

Q: What are you musical influences?
A: That’s a good question.. I grew up listening to some pretty awesome role model bands such as The Eagles and Dire Straits but as I found my sound whilst writing I found it was shaped lyrically and vocally by bands such as Lifehouse, Mtachbox Twenty and more recently Phillip Phillips and the deep south style blues and rock… that raw sound that brings emotion into everything that’s sung and played.

Q: When did you first start singing?
A: I fell into it by a lucky at of serendipity… I was a struggling rhythm guitarist and weeks before my first proper gig at the Wedgewood rooms our singer pulled out… I knew the covers and I had written the originals so just as a temporary stand in I took the mic.. and it turned out I didn’t completely suck.. so I stopped playing guitar and took the stage as the front man to the band at the time… few years down the line here we are!!

Q: First song ever sung?
A: Maggie May by Rod Stewart

Q: What did your family do to encourage you?
A: Everything.. they have been amazing! They have been to every show I‘ve done pretty much and from sound guy to lead roadie and lighting technician my Dad has been there every step of the way.

Q: Who else in your family sings?
A: Does catching your 24 year old brother singing Disney tunes to himself count???

Q:Who are your musical inspirations?
A: That’s a hard one… other musicians influence me but my inspiration comes more from more personal things.. one main big influence to me is my Son and how much I wanna work hard to make him proud and also earn a living to be there for him and there’s also a muse in my life that seems to keep the creativity going but I won’t embarrass her haha

Q: What kind of music do you listen to today?
My music taste is diverse.. some days its old school Aerosmith, or blues others it can be an unknown acoustic writer from somewhere in the world, I Love my classical music and composers such as John Powell for the work he does in Film and sometimes its nice to just chill with a bit of contemporary R&B… I think having a diverse taste helps the songs to not all sound the same.

Q: What embarrassing songs might we find on your MP3 player?
A: Well my son uses it so there is some Disney haha but if I’m honest I have a bit of Five and Hanson on there too!

Q: Where would you most like to perform?
A: When I was in The Dominican Republic, there is a huge amphitheatre set on the hilltop overlooking the ocean in an Italian style village built there… it was perfect and I’ve always wanted to perform outside there.

Q: If you weren’t performing, what would you be doing?
A: Not enjoying my life as much J

Q: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
A: Hopefully with how things are progressing I’ll be playing bigger and better places with a better pay check alongside me and my family!

Q: What made you start this up?
A: It’s the one thing I’ve been good at in my life… and not only that the passion for it just the way music can make things happen or feel… to write a song that a couple has played at their anniversary or something and it’s “their” song whenever they hear it or helps someone who has had a bad day etc.. that’s kinda cool thing to be able to give to someone!

Q: Apart from Guitar do you play any other instruments?
A: … badly haha I use keys and bass in my self-recorded demos but being solo I don’t usually stray from guitar.

Q: What Genre of music do you like playing?
A: I never know how to class it… but I guess Rock/ Pop covers it for my covers set… as for my original work.. blues/ Rock/ .. im not sure,’ I have trouble classifying it but I guess that’s a good thing as it’s not too much the same as a lot of things at the moment.


Thank you Roy for taking the time to chat with us.



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