Ultimate Guitar app

Ultimate-GuitarI found this app called Ultimate Guitar, it was free so I downloaded it.

The app is easy to navigate and very well laid out. You click on the top 100 button and it will show you the most looked at songs, there are some great songs in there or you can search all your favorite songs if you create an accout you can add them to your favorites list so you can access them more quickly.
Not only is this an app for Android and IOS devices but you can also visit their website so you can view them on a bigger screen. The great thing i found about this is there is a play button and what this does is autoscrolls the page down so you don’t have to stop playing while trying to sort out where you are on the page.

The website states there is over 800,000 songs to pick from so whatever your into will surely be on there, as well as gutar the app is also good for Bass and Drums and that is also included in the free version, Ultimate Guitar have done very well on this app and is well worth a download if you haven’t already.

You can if required print of the tabs/chords so you can have a hard copy should you need it.
The words also come with the app, in fact you may well just get everything you need to play a song with your band and you get it all for free!

There is a whole lot more to this app but I will leave it to you to find out about them.


If you know of any other apps you may use don’t keep it to yourself share with us.




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