Jammin at The Ferryman, Warsash!

We was at The Ferryman Last night for their jammin session.

Everyone knew everyone so was a very friendly atmosphere and lots of banter going on.

Very good evening indeed, group of 5 got it together at the front started playing away, must point out they were not a 20150615_212235smband but just got together for a jam, considering they weren’t a band they were actually quite tight and all very talented.

The all had their niches and the great thing is music was so varied that it was suited to all, personally I think they made a great group but I’m guessing they are all in their own groups and came to The Ferryman in order to let their hair down.



On that night there was also a duo called Afterwise, again very good act. it consisted of Amy singing and Gary singing and playing guitar.
Must admit both had great voices and went very well together.
Guitar playing was brilliant some great tunes.
If you do get a chance to see them i would definitely go along.
If you would like to hear some of their music you can find it on soundcloud HERE


Josh also played lastnight, 20150615_210246smJosh is a singer/guitar player from Portsmouth.

Great voice, he sang some covers but also some of his own songs.
He came across as timid on the stage but once into his session he was very confident up there and strong voice, I guess appearances can be deceiving.


All in all the evening was very entertaining, the vent is usually held the first Monday of the month but can sometimes change, if you are on Facebook I would definitely like The Ferryman page that way you can keep an eye on whats happening as at the moment they are having the Sunday Summer Sessions which is believe it or not happening every Sunday (weather permitting off course!)

We will be uploading the video very soon so keep an eye out for it!





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